Uploading to Entr'ouvert Debian packages repositories

Uploads should automatically happen through jenkins and that's it.

Manual uploads

You must have an account and be a member of packagers group to upload packages.

Don't upload packages that do not comply to Debian policy for the given distribution.

Recommended upload method is through dput; here is a sample dput.cf configuration file:

allow_unsigned_uploads = 1
method = scp
scp_compress = 1
fqdn = deb.entrouvert.org
default_host_main = entrouvert-squeeze-experimental

incoming = /var/vhosts/deb.entrouvert.org/incoming/squeeze/

incoming = /var/vhosts/deb.entrouvert.org/incoming/sid/

incoming = /var/vhosts/deb.entrouvert.org/incoming/squeeze-experimental/

incoming = /var/vhosts/deb.entrouvert.org/incoming/sid-experimental/

Incoming queue is processed once an hour (every hour:17).

Getting more info

Questions, requests for new architecture or distribution support should go to fpeters@entrouvert.com

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